Hair Micrograft

With the FUE technique we can perform up to six thousand grafts per session, controlling the elements needed to give hair a natural appearance.


All the benefits, minimal pain

With Kaloni, pain during the procedure is minimal due to the use of specialized micro instruments for the extraction of follicles. Scars are barely visible, because we don’t do suture stitching.

Endorsed by satisfied patients

More than nine thousand patients around the world have taken advantage of Kaloni´s solution. They not only recovered their hair, they also improved their quality of life.


  • Average of four thousand grafts per session.
  • All head is shaved.
  • A solution is used to maintain follicles.
  • Short term follow-up.


  • Sessions of up to 6,000 grafts in a single session.
  • It is possible to shave only the donor zone (thin out).
  • Extended follow-up and personalized treatment.

Beard and mustache Design

A full beard? Thick mustache? Many men with little facial hair growth wonder how to have a beard or grow a mustache.


Personalized beard and mustache design

Depending on your expectations and facial characteristics, we create a personalized design to achieve an excellent follicle distribution and enhanced density.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and the aftercare is very simple. Our specialist will assess the donor area to estimate the quantity of follicles required to achieve the desired result.

With our procedure you can get a mustache, a full beard, a goatee, or even cover scars or fill gaps.

Only 4 easy steps!!


Beard and mustache design

We create a flattering personalized design by analyzing your facial characteristics and your expectations.


Extraction from donor area

Our innovative technique allows us to extract the hair from the occipital zone (nape), chest and back to obtain the desired beard or mustache.



One by one, we apply each extracted follicle in accordance with the original hair growth, to increase density, cover scars, fill gaps or improve the design of your beard and mustache.



Finally, we control the necessary angle, direction and depth to achieve the desired result, with a totally natural look.

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Eyebrow micrograft

Do you want to recover your eyebrow density, fill gaps, or create a specialized design that flatters you? You can have the eyebrows you’ve always wanted. Our experts can make it happen.

Personalized and full eyebrows

In Kaloni, we listen to your needs and expectations before performing your procedure. Some of the available options are scar coverage, gap filling, density increase or simply design enhancement.

A minimum amount of hair is needed since it is a small area. Our experts will assess the number of follicles required to create your dream eyebrows. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and the aftercare is simple.


Only 4 easy steps


Eyebrow design

Our experts analyze your facial characteristics and create an exclusive design that flatters your eye and face expression.


Extraction from donor area

The ideal donor area for eyebrows is the nape since it contains hair loss resistant genetic information.



Following the design and considering your expectations, we transplant the extracted follicles one by one, increasing your eyebrow density, covering scars, filling gaps or enhancing the design.



Compared to other methods such as eyebrow tattoo, we offer a aesthetic and totally natural look.