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Micro-Grafting Technique

  • Step 1 EvaluationWith a micro-camera we take a closer look at the scalp, to estimate density and the hair follicles required. Evaluation process is very detailed taking into consideration all aspects of alopecia and the exact analysis are given.

    This first step helps us to determine what the hair loss cause is, in order to give the proper treatment; always looking forward in reversing the balding process. In those cases where the follicle is not longer savable with treatment, Kaloni’s technique is the best option for recovering that long lost hair.

  • Step 2 ExtractionUsing a Micro-grafting tool each follicle is removed from the donor zone, without leaving any painful scars.
    Donor zone is the zone that’s genetically resistant to baldness. Once extracted, the follicles are prepared for implantation.
    The procedure is done under local anesthesia, due to the minimally invasive nature of the process, the patients is awake during every step of the way. This is painless and the recovery lasts less than 24 hours.

    To implant 1,000 to 3,000 hairs we require around 4 to 6 hours, guaranteeing the satisfaction of the patient in every aspect of the procedure.
    Everyday men and women undergo micro-grafting technique, which has evolved into the best option available in hair restoration methods. It is non invasive, painless, and the least bothersome; and always yielding the natural, long-lasting results.

    Our advanced and effective techniques will definitely recover your lost hair. Due to its attention to detail, Kaloni’s technique delivers the best natural results!

  • 3 prepStep 3 EvaluationNext step: The follicles are classified and prepared under a microscope.

  • Step 4 ImplantationStep 4:
    Each hair is individually placed, taking the angle, direction, and depth into consideration. These are essential elements to the process in order to create a natural look.
    These newly implanted hairs will not suffer from alopecia.

  • follow up We continue to give the utmost care and treatment in order to ensure the best quality results.
    Last step:
    Complementing with our own specialized product, K Regene, making sure the hair stays as healthy as possible.
    In order to achieve the best possible results the post-procedure cares must be followed. Depending on the treatment level, we offer up to 14 months of FREE follow up for our patients.

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Eyebrows restoration

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Eyebrow, Beard and Mustache.

Want to grow a mustache? How about a manly beard? Are you losing your eyebrows? These days there are many hair related problems. And as daunting as it may feel, it is now possible to solve many of them with our micro-grafting technique.
At the Kaloni Science Center you can make your own custom design for beards, mustaches and/or eyebrows. Look as good as you want, restore your natural expressions, you can even cover an unwanted scar! Whatever the reason, we make sure the results are both excellent and natural-looking. At the Kaloni Science Center, we have what you need.

Step 1 Evaluation
Through the micro-grafting procedure at the Kaloni Science Center, excellent results can be achieved. Kaloni’s hair restoration technique is successful even on different parts of the head and face, allowing for the hair to be transplanted and give a better look to thinning beards, scar tissue, mustaches, and eyebrows. We can also cover scars on any part of the body.

With our technique we create natural looking results, without revealing the micro-grafted origin of the area.
This type of procedure is simple: extracting and then inserting hair follicles one by one. This is carried out under local anesthesia, and the post-procedure care is similar to any other hair implantation treatments on the head.


EyebrowsClean, uniform looking eyebrows speak for themselves, especially if it looks as natural as possible. They undoubtedly play an important role in facial expressions, which is why we have developed the micro-grafting technique specialized only for eyebrows.
The Kaloni procedure is a great solution to correct and improve the appearance of your eyebrows. Many times this is done for aesthetic purposes, but there are some cases where the eyebrows are missing due to some medical treatment or even an accident.

Eyebrows restoration
Eyebrows restoration
The results are stunningly natural!